My favorite radio is the YAESU FT-991 which i use a lot for all kinds of QSOs,


but I also love my RM Italy HLA-300 plusPower Amplifier, which can deliver about 300 W from 160-10 meters!


MFJ 962D VersaTuner III, 1.5KW

My shortwave antenna is a magnetic loop i built myself, working on 80 to 20m standing on my balcony, surrounded by concret, aproximately 6 m over groung-level:

STL on my balcony, about 1.5 m in diameter constructed with 20mm copper-tube. It uses two variable ganged double-split-stator-capacitors with a common axis, about ca. 15-280 pf @ 6.5 KV max. A Little Motor with gears turns the axis. For 80 meters i use an additional capacitor, made from 4m RG213 coax-cable (ca. 400pf) with two crocodile-clips to connect to the variable capacitor.



For VHF and UHF i use a j-antenna, also on my balcony:

6m Moonraker HLP-6 halo loop folded Dipole antenna: 200W on 6 meters:


In May 2017 i added a SharkRF OpenSpot to my shack, working nicely on C4FM but also on DMR and DMR+:


For meassuring Antennas and for my Projects i use a mini Radio Solutions miniVNA tiny.